turn back

turn back
Synonyms and related words:
about ship, assimilate to, avert, back and fill, bear away, bear off, bear to starboard, beat, beat about, beat back, become, box off, break, break back, bring about, bring round, bring to, brush off, cant, cant round, cast, cast about, change, change back, change course, change into, change over, change the heading, chase, chase away, chase off, come about, come again, come back, come home, come up again, convert, cry back, cut, dismiss, do a flip-flop, do an about-face, do over, double, double a point, double back, draw aside, drive away, drive back, ease off, echo, edge off, fend off, fetch about, flip-flop, fly off, gee, glance, glance off, go about, go back, go home, go off, gybe, hark back, haw, head off, heave round, hold off, jib, jibe, jibe all standing, keep coming, keep off, make, make over, make way for, miss stays, move aside, naturalize, pack off, ply, push back, put about, put back, react, reappear, rebuff, reconvert, recur, reduce to, refuse, render, reoccur, repeat, repel, repulse, resolve into, resound, resume, return, reverberate, reverse, revert, round a point, send away, send off, send packing, sheer, sheer off, shift, shove aside, shunt, shy, shy off, side, sidestep, sidetrack, sidle, slew, snub, spurn, steer clear of, step aside, swerve, swing round, swing the stern, switch, switch over, tack, throw about, thrust back, transform, turn, turn about, turn around, turn aside, turn away, turn into, veer, veer off, ward off, wear, wear ship, wind, yaw

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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